Saturday, October 09, 2004

Big Day!

Today I marry the woman of my dreams. Today, Red and I tie the knot, get hitched, walk the plank into shark infested waters with a cannonball attached to our feet. Pick your metaphor.

Anyway, I thought I'd treat you to the text from my toast at the rehearsal dinner last night. When I get back from the honeymoon, I'll tell you all about it, and show you groom's toast from the wedding.

Bon Voyage!

Rehearsal Dinner Toast:

Good evening, and thank you all for coming. Of course, my big toast isn’t until tomorrow night, so I guess that makes this my little toast, or Melba Toast, if you will (stolen directly and shamelessly from Friends).

Out of my last 25 years on this planet, this day, this moment, is the best so far. The people who have been most important to me, my closest friends, are all here. I’m taking the next step toward a complete and happy life. You could even argue that I’m growing up, but you’d be wrong. And tomorrow I marry the woman of my dreams, the most beautiful girl in the world, and the love of my life.

Mom, Dad, Mike, Amy: Thank you for tonight. This has all the accoutrements necessary for a perfect party: the food has been wonderful, the atmosphere is phenomenal, and there is still more wine. I appreciate everything you’ve done, and I appreciate this gesture of support of our marriage. Thank you. Folks, here’s to my parents.

This toast won’t be complete without mentioning Bob and Jerri. Without them, there would be no bride. So, I guess, without them, my life wouldn’t be complete. Tomorrow is the day that Bob and Jerri have really put their effort into, but I want to say thanks today, too. I want to say thanks, because one of your finest achievements, is now the most valuable thing I have. Thank you.

Speaking of which, Jenny, what can I say? Tomorrow, you become my bride, my wife, my life. Tomorrow, we embark on the grandest of adventures. Jen, tomorrow I’m going to toast you, my wife, so tonight I’d like to toast the journey, the experience, the adventure. I’d like to toast those moments I’m looking forward to: Our son’s first steps, our daughter’s junior prom, our week in Paris, our fiftieth anniversary, our first million dollars, and thousands upon thousands of other things that I’m not even expecting, and don’t know to expect. To life, Jenny. To our life.


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