Monday, April 18, 2005

What Are the Odds?

With the Papal Election commencing, and given the human condition/tendency toward sin, and given that everybody is always looking for a quick buck, does this surprise anybody?

If you've following the news at all, then the front runners shouldn't surprise you, but I think I will agree with The New York Times' Frank Delaney when placing my bets:

Still, were the lure of gambling to overpower the fear of God in me (and, God knows, it might), I'd have a crack at a few of the outsiders. For instance, at 25-1, Angelo Scola is an interesting bet; he's the patriarch of Venice, speaks several languages (including English) and is only 63 years old. And have a look at the Argentine, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also showing strongly at 12-1. And though he is not even given odds (in Irish racing parlance, a "rank outsider"), Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia is a very effective Vatican operator and truly worth a piece of my money; after all, in 1977 Karol Wojtyla was such a long shot he had scarcely left the paddock before the others were round the first bend.

My money's on the bear....

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