Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Insomniac Humor

Last night as I was lying in bed counting how many times President Bush said "evil" during his last speech, I came up with a few new jokes that were a lot funnier while I was half asleep. Here they are.

1) A group of cannibals started a confectionary shoppe in which they created many cannibal-oriented sweets. One of the most popular is their line of unborn human babies that they dip in different flavored coatings like chocolate and peanut butter. Their ad campaign is: "There's no wrong way to eat a fetus."

2) There is a famous matidor in Madrid spain. He has fought in, literally, thousands of bullfights. After each fight, he removes the testicles of the bull, carries them through the streets to his favorite restaurant, and has them cook them up for him. One day after the fight he walks into his favorite restaurant carrying a big old steak cut from the dead bull. "Senor," said the host, "where are the testicles from the bull you just killed?" "I gave them away," replied the matidor. "Why, Senor? You always keep the cahones for yourself," inquired the host. "Well," said the matidor, "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't."

Thank you, Thank you. You're too kind. Tip your waitress. I'm the KOTWF, goodnight!

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