Thursday, April 10, 2003

It doesn't add up

So I had a big family dinner last night, and I got to sit next to my baby brother. I got bored with discussing Great Aunt Agnus' new bunyon, and so I started quizing him about school. He said that they had started learning division that day.

Being the great educator that I am (I used to have a flea circus) I started quizing him on division. "What's 12 divided by 3?" I asked. "I don't know." he answered. "What do you have to multiply 3 by to get 12?" I asked. "Teacher doesn't want us to say that because she doesn't understand how people can think like that. Multiplication is an entirely different function, and is related to division in only the most cursory, tangential ways. She expressed her disdain for that line of thinking out of her own inability to grasp the concept of reversing multiplication in order to divide." he said (language classes have gone much further than arithmetic).


We now make our youth think only in ways that can be understood by their elders? The end is upon us. Look to this site for the latest information on water running red as blood, dead rising from their graves, etc.

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