Friday, August 29, 2003

Dirty Limerick Time!!!

A County Cork Barmaid, it’s true,
Was fond of selling her brew,
But along with the ale,
She sold her wee tail,
And was known as the County Cork Screw.

Pierre is a horny young guy,
For he stands but two feet high,
With lust he’s berserk,
‘Cause when he walks to work,
He looks up as women walk by.

In the Style of Rudyard Kipling:

Young Mowgli came in from the heat,
“Baloo, what does that tiger eat?”
“Antelope and Caribou,
What’s it matter to you?”
“I’m horny and hoped he ate meat.”


The maids said, “We hoped you enjoyed us,
When you deigned that you should exploit us.”
I Said, “When was this?”
They said, with a kiss,
“Five minutes ago, In Coitus.”

In the Style of Edgar Allen Poe:

‘Twas many and many a year ago,
That a maiden lived, and she could blow,
She went down on a cock,
As hard as a rock,
But, hey, rigor mortis, you know?

Let’s hear yours! The official KOTWF limerick competition has begun.

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