Monday, August 25, 2003

Survival of the Drunkest

Well, I'm at work and it's Monday morning. I take it that this means I made it back from The Big Easy alive and well.

Alive anyway.

Right now I'm catching up my work and overcoming my hangover while I think back on my recent Crescent City bender and try to remember what the hell I did and why I now have a reverse mohawk and a tattoo on my forehead that says "Doug."

I promise to tell you all the stories as soon as I get the chance. To get you in the mood, while I go clean the vomit off my shoes, I'd like you to all memorize this list of New Orleans nicknames.

Big Easy, Crescent City, Mardi Gras City, America's Most Interesting City, The City That Care Forgot, Parade City USA, City of the Southern Pride, Super Bowl City, City of Saints and Sinners, Sportsman Paradise, The Spice of Life City, Southern Comfort, City of Mystery, City of the Chefs, America's European Masterpiece, Home of Dixieland Jazz, Gator Town, City of Festivals, America's Favorite City, Saint City, New Orleans: Open all Night, NOLA, Sin City, Queen City of the South, Cradle of Jazz, Birthplace of Jazz.

There will be a test.

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