Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Doesn't Anybody Get Pop Culture References?

A few years ago, I worked for a company, which shall remain nameless, that manufactured replacement windows. One of our bigest customers was a certain nationwide chain of home improvement stores. My job, unfortunately, was to go into two of these stores per day to restock the shelves, clean and repair displays, place special orders, order additional windows to fill the shelves, replace documentation, and rearrange shelves to make windows easier to reach/purchase. Needless to say, it sucked.

On one particular day, I was unhappily restocking some 36" x 52", double-paned, low E with argon windows, when a woman approached and asked me where she could find a particular size of furnace filter. I set down my window and said "Follow me," then walked her halfway across the store to where the furnace filters were kept and helped her find the correct size.

At this point, she noticed that I was not wearing the traditional uniform of this store's employees. She suddenly felt very silly for asking for my help and said "My goodness! You do work here don't you?" To which I replied, "No. But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night."

She looked at me like I was a sea cucumber singing an Aria.

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