Thursday, July 03, 2003

More Fun At Work

After my post yesterday, I've been thinking about the One-Armed-Bandit alot, and how much fun it is having a friend who is missing a limb, but is good-natured about it. The One-Armed-Bandit (his name is Dave) told me this story once, and I've always liked it:

A few years ago, Dave was working with a new bank in trying to close some refinancing for the company. It was about a six-month long process, and Dave was in constant communication with the loan officer the whole time. They spoke on the phone daily, Dave met him personally at least once a month, and there were constant faxes and e-mails flying back and forth between our office and theirs. Well, the time finally came to close the loan. Dave went to the bank for the closing, and the loan officer came out to meet him. When he saw Dave he stuck out his hand to shake*. Dave used his left hand and shook hands with the loan officer who jumped back in surprise and said, "Jesus, Dave, what happened to your arm?"

Without missing a beat, Dave yelled back, "Oh, Fuck! Where'd it go?"

So, I was having a rough morning this morning, and someone asked me for some help. I responded, "Can I do it later? Right now I'm busier than Dave hanging wallpaper."

I've never seen eyes quite so wide.

* One of my pet peeves is people who, when they meet a person whose right arm is incapacitated, shake with the left. This is not proper etiquette, and calls attention to the disability or injury. You still shake with the right hand, they will compensate for it by going over or under your hand with their left and shaking that way. Read your fucking Emily Post people!

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