Monday, July 07, 2003

E-Mail Poetry

I actually received a request for this over the weekend, and who am I to refuse my public anything. So here it is, back by popular demand, poetry made entirely by cutting and pasting e-mails I’ve received recently:

Insects can be a real summer buzz kill,
but I want my visits to have Quality as measured in Metric Litres of Scotch

Is there gonna be drinking? I could use some Sophomore head.
Damn skippy!

I was so drunk, hungry, and tired that I thought I saw a bear.
But it was just two fallen angels seeking Peter---$50.00.

I know the feeling.

The laws of the land are set down and known as the "Fah King Rules"
Disciplinary action will be taken for not following the “Fah King Rules.”

Of course!

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