Thursday, July 10, 2003

Ryan Does It, Why Can't I?

Ryan has started posting key search words that led people to his site on google, yahoo, AOL, etc. It's funny shit, so I thought I'd try it, too.

People found my site today by searching for the following key words:

"Girls Going Wild" (I was number 181 on the list, so this guy has a lot of time on his hands)
"Google Acid Spunk" (I was actually on the first page for this one)
"American Gladiator Porn" (This is the best. I was on page 37 of 60. This guy needs a hobby.)

Yesterday, I got 5 hits because people searching for various nationalities (like "French" or "Russian") and the words "Hairy Armpits."

People scare me.

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