Monday, July 21, 2003

Here we go again

Well, Faithful Reader, it looks like another busy week of marauding with the horde. I'll update as often as I can (hopefully daily, as the Scottish/Conglerian crew of the HMS MacMacMac has been instructed to install an internet connection before they pick me up again). If I am killed while at large in the cosmos, then you can amuse yourselves with this link:

The Strawsburg

The Strawsburg and I have been friends for, like, ever. In fact, it was with The Strawsburg that I discovered the interesting fact that weekends actually start on Wednesday at 10:00pm and last until Sunday. It was also with The Strawsburg that I realized just how difficult it is to talk after consuming 1.75 litres of Gin at one sitting. Ah good times.

Anyway, read his blog, laugh, cry, just don't blame me.

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