Thursday, June 12, 2003

I had to do it

I had to add Meditations of a Sweet Jezebel to my sidebar. It's just too fucking good to allow both of my readers to pass it by. First, let me say thanks to Ryan for pointing me in the right direction. Second, let me say to everyone else out there in internet-land, please read the following paragraph BEFORE going to Sweet Jezebel's site. It's for your own good.

Sex. Fuck. Ass. Tits. Sex. Pussy. Cock. Spunk. Jizz. Sex. Vibrator. Dildo. Meat. Sex. Meat-Market. Drunk. Masturbate. Blow-job. Sex. (If that doesn't get me into a shitload of google searches, nothing will).

Offended? If so, DO NOT GO TO HER SITE!!!! Turned on? Follow me, I'll meet you there. You'll love it.

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