Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I love West Virginia

I had to go to West Virginia today, to one of my company's other facilities. While I was there, I went out to check out a few things on some of the more remote sections of the property. At one point, I found myself at the bottom of a hill, in front of a mud hole. Of course, I wound up the windows, switched to 4 wheel drive (I was driving a company truck) and gave it a shitload of gas. The truck went right through the mudhole with no problem, up the hill, around the turn, then under a bridge. The point is that I made a lot of noise, and you'd think anybody nearby would have heard me coming.

As I came out from under the bridge, I see standing maybe 20 feet in front of me, in the middle of the road, a completely naked 50 year old man. There was another man, I can only assume was his friend, fully clothed in the passenger seat of a car a little ways down the road. As I approached, trying to decide if I should laugh or cry, he walked slowly to his lawn chair at the side of the road, sat down and pulled a shirt over his crotch.

He waved when I drove by.

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