Friday, May 02, 2003

Big News

The KOTWF has an actual, honest-to-God, real-live, literate, smartass reader! Really! Clark actually posted a comment on my "I'm Obnoxious!!! Kick My Ass!!!" post from yesterday. And he got me thinking. Maybe, just maybe, someone ACTUALLY reads this shit. I'm famous. I'm gonna be a billionaire. And when I am, I'll remember you, the little people, that made it possible. So here's the deal. From now on, if you read this site, click the "comment" button and leave me a message. I don't care what you say. Let's make it a kind of a game. Then you can all go over to Clark's site, because, well, he's the first person to EVER comment on my site, and leave him a comment, too.

Do it everyday or you will be tied up with pianowire and whipped repeatedly with long strips of angel-hair pasta.

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