Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Oops, I forgot

Two weeks ago, I promised to do a sort of montage/freeverse/random phrase thing every Friday by using cut and paste and Emails I had received the previous week. One week ago, I did it again. Last week, I didn't even bother to post on Friday because I was too excited about the drunkfest I was going to have that night (more on this later). Anyway, here is last week's poem:

Yo homeslice! What's up T-doggie?

Is this carbon steel?
It’s not a bottle of wine or anything,
I’m excited about coming. 5 pumps max.

Are you two-timing me with my best friend?
Wouldn't you rather be surprised?
Could be.

Could be trouble but I think we'll make it through!
I need the sleaziest "boy, that guy is a dog" pick up lines,
He's my ticket into the hole-fest, you would need some sort of age verification.

People are gonna think you made this shit up yourself

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