Thursday, May 22, 2003

Which John Shaft Are You?

I just took the "Which Shaft are You?" quiz. I didn't really care how it came out, because I already new I was one bad mother--shut your mouth--just talking about KOTWF.

Shaft in Africa (1973)
You are John Shaft from - Shaft in Africa (1973)
You've come a long way from the Shaft that
audiences met in 1971. Of all the Shafts,
you're probably the goofiest of the bunch.
You've got a sick sense of humor that combines
with your sense of cool and your unflagging
thirst for justice to create a supersoldier of
the kind needed to end slavery. You're bigger
than life - but don't get too full of yourself.
You may be in touch with your roots, but you're
dangerously close to forgetting where you came

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